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Kill Cliff Recovery Drink

Image of Kill Cliff Recovery Drink


If scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, our blood orange recovery drink masterpiece is going to repave your memory lane with bricks of bright orange.

Long hailed as the best smelling drink in America, Tasty isn't just a model of sweet aroma and no substance. We’ve engineered this bodacious badass to be a 12oz. sugar-free, 15 calorie refreshing experience packed to the tab with vitamins, enzymes and micronutrients.

Improve Your Post Work Out Recovery

Our custom ingredient blends are what makes Kill Cliff drinks helpful in the recovery process. We use plant extracts like Ginseng Root, enzymes like Lipase, Amylase and Protelese amino acids, and other ingredients that help the inflammatory system to recover after a tough workout.

For pure performance purposes, the best time to drink a Kill Cliff recovery drink is right after a workout to replenish the micronutrients your body has used. Because our recovery drinks are the tastiest things around though, we recommend you drink one whenever you get that hankering for something a lot more awesome than water.

Key Benefits
Micronutrients for Replenishment
Hydration & Electrolytes
Essential Vitamins & Enzymes
No Sugar & Only 15 Calories
No Artificial Colors & No Artificial Flavors
Fit into Paleo Diet

Try it for yourself with no regrets guaranteed!